Easy On The Eyes: An Everyday Eye Look With Neutrals

Get those classic smokey eyes in eight steps. Use an anti aging cream before applying makeup to keep the skin healthy from within. Then do the following steps:

•    Get a finished look on the face with foundation. This gives you a good base to work on.
•    Line your eyes with an eyeliner. Smudge the liner well.
•    Apply an eye shadow in neutral shade on the whole lid, extending to the brow bone.
•    Use a flat brush and apply a medium shade eye shadow on the lower lid. Blend it into the eye creases, so that both the shades mix well.
•    Use a small smudge brush and daub the dark eye shadow across your lash line above the eyeliner. Use circular motions to blend the shadow well, so that no demarcating line exists between dark and medium shades.
•    Curl your lashes.
•    Apply double coats of mascara.
Using an anti aging cream meant specifically for the under eye area can do wonders for dark circles and fine lines. Use the cream daily. Make sure you use the top brand.

As far as makeup is concerned, with smokey eyes, you may want to keep your lips in a shade of nude. Use lots of gloss. If you wish to paint your pout, keep your eyes natural. A single coat of mascara and a thin line of eyeliner will do. This is enough to brighten up your eyes. Skip the eye shadow, but never skip the use of an anti aging cream, especially if you are above 30.

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