Easy On The Eyes: An Everyday Eye Look With Neutrals

Get those classic smokey eyes in eight steps. Use an anti aging cream before applying makeup to keep the skin healthy from within. Then do the following steps:

•    Get a finished look on the face with foundation. This gives you a good base to work on.
•    Line your eyes with an eyeliner. Smudge the liner well.
•    Apply an eye shadow in neutral shade on the whole lid, extending to the brow bone.
•    Use a flat brush and apply a medium shade eye shadow on the lower lid. Blend it into the eye creases, so that both the shades mix well.
•    Use a small smudge brush and daub the dark eye shadow across your lash line above the eyeliner. Use circular motions to blend the shadow well, so that no demarcating line exists between dark and medium shades.
•    Curl your lashes.
•    Apply double coats of mascara.
Using an anti aging cream meant specifically for the under eye area can do wonders for dark circles and fine lines. Use the cream daily. Make sure you use the top brand.

As far as makeup is concerned, with smokey eyes, you may want to keep your lips in a shade of nude. Use lots of gloss. If you wish to paint your pout, keep your eyes natural. A single coat of mascara and a thin line of eyeliner will do. This is enough to brighten up your eyes. Skip the eye shadow, but never skip the use of an anti aging cream, especially if you are above 30.

A powerful, genuine, rich anti-aging formula for your skin

Good news for beauty-conscious people is that an effective brand Hydroxatone has arrived in the market. The formula is packed with the power of three clinically-approved ingredients that repair, nourish, and protect skin.
Reviews have shown that users are exhilarated to have this product. The formula creates dramatic results on the skin. Within a few weeks, it visibly reduces wrinkles and discolorations on the face, restores its natural glow, and improves skin hydration. People suddenly become eager to know the secret to your face transformation. Indeed, Hydroxatone makes you the center of attention at the workplace or social events. The brand’s key ingredients, including Matrixyl™3000, reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles by up to 44 percent.

Looking at the reviews and burgeoning demand, it is safe to say that this is one of the top anti aging creams on the market. Perhaps, this is the reason why creators of this formula are busy churning out a huge supply to meet the increasing demand.

Hydroxatone is offering a risk free trial offer online. This offer is available only at the official website of the brand. This is your chance to experience the richness of a powerful, genuine, and scientifically-acclaimed anti-aging formula.

The Reason Behind Using An Anti Aging Night Cream

If you wish to replenish your skin completely, then you must use anti aging creams twice a day. Your first application should be in the morning and the second should be before going to bed. In order to quicken the desired results, manufacturers have created a special anti aging night cream. It is heavier than the day cream and works on your skin the whole night while you are in some dreamland.

As you sleep at night, your body cells rejuvenate themselves. In fact, this is one of the reasons we sleep. Healing also takes place at a faster rate when the body is at rest. Using an anti-aging formula is also a kind of healing for the skin. Due to the natural aging process, or your laxity towards proper care of the skin, the skin gets damaged.

An anti aging night cream heals the skin. It makes your skin cells restore their normal functioning, such as collagen production, secretion of Hyaluronic Acid, and more. Now you realize why some of the top anti wrinkle creams contain ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid. The creams are designed to work along the lines of the skin mechanism.

The best time to restore your skin’s youth is at night. An anti aging night cream provides extreme effectiveness during night time, as your body is at rest and already in the rejuvenating mode.

What to Check before Buying a Anti Aging Creams

The choices are endless when it comes to buying an anti aging cream. However, each of these creams is unique – from their ingredients and the formulation to the wrinkle-reduction effects and pricing. For this reason, it is important to do a background research of the products before actually purchasing or using it.

You must never miss reading the ingredient list of anti aging creams. In addition to noting the active ingredients in it, you must also watch out for harmful ingredients such as fragrances, alcohol, parabens and mineral oil. These chemicals can seriously damage your skin by causing irritation, dehydrating the skin and closing the pores. Avoiding creams that contain these ingredients will ensure that the product will not damage your skin or lead to allergic reactions.

Do not go for very cheap products. Such creams usually contain harsh chemicals that are not good for the skin. Skin experts also warn against choosing very expensive products. The high price of such products will primarily be due to its classy packaging and not because of effective ingredients in it.

According to hydroxatone reviews, the excellent wrinkle-reduction capabilities of the cream can be attributed to the effective and scientifically proven hydroxatone ingredients. Matrixyl™3000 helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin complexion and enhances skin tone. Argireline® is an anti-aging peptide that smoothens the skin and reduces the depth of wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid is the hydrating agent that makes skin softer and smoother and SPF 15 protects your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.