Beauty Etiquetter: How To Politely Silence Cell Phone Chatter At The Spa

It is a common sight to find women talking on their cell phones after a spa session. They even lack the courtesy of going outside while attending a call. They start babbling right away inside the spa, which is a confined place with an aura of intimacy. People talking indefinitely on their cell phones can certainly snatch the peace of the atmosphere.

The big question is, “how to ask them to stop talking on the phone without sounding rude?”

If a person is mumbling something on her cell, you may not want to interrupt her. Moreover, if somebody has an urgent call and she completes it within a minute, this too, should not bother you.

What annoys people is the constant chattering that is loud enough to destroy the calmness of the place and long enough to test others’ patience.

In such cases, you got two choices, either take the matter in your hands and ask the person politely to take the call outside, or call the manager and ask him or her to do this for you.

What if the other person feels offended? This is not your problem because he or she is already on the wrong side by not following cell phone etiquettes. It is you who is offended by the noise.

You have come in the spa to catch peace of mind and pamper yourself in utter tranquility. You paid for this. Do not let anybody play spoilsport and waste your money.