Is There A Meaning To That Pimple?

What does a pimple on your forehead means? It means your digestive system or bladder is imbalanced. Take good diet and drink more water.

Got a pimple between your eyebrows? You may have liver issues or some food allergy. Avoid rich foods, dairy products, and alcohol.

Breaking out at your face edges in front of the ears? Listen to your kidneys. You may be dehydrating. Cut down on soda, coffee, and alcohol and drink more water.

Breakouts on your cheeks? This might be some respiratory trouble. Kick that cigarette now.

Pimples on the chin indicate stomach troubles. Consult your doctor and try detoxification.

Is your jawline full of zits? If yes, then your hormones are in a rage. Blame your periods or your stress levels.

If the skin of your neck is breaking out, your body could be combating some illness. Take ample rest to let your immune system do its job. Gulp gallons of water.

Whatever you read above may not be a hard and fast rule. Today, as our skin is exposed to an array of face washes and skin products, breakouts can definitely happen.

However, face mapping is a form of ancient Chinese medicine. Whatever is happening on your face says a lot about the inside of your body. The Chinese believe that a pimple is the body’s signal to say something is wrong inside it, just like a wrinkle symbolizes the start of aging beneath the skin.

If your skin breaks out regularly, consult a dermatologist, as this can be an underlying medical problem, especially hormonal imbalance. Treat it on time and restore your beautiful skin.